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July 28, 2018

How To Create Paytm Merchant Account

How To Create Paytm Merchant Account

Terms and Condition for Small and Medium Merchants

1 . One bank account

2. Your fully KYC paytm account


1. Is it free ?

     Yes, It is free no charge for accepting payments.

 2. Payments to bank ?

      Yes, Payments go directly into your bank account.

3. Registration fee ?

     No registration fee.

Step To Create PayTm Merchant Account

1. Goto PlayStore And download the app - PayTm For Business  And LogIn using your Paytm registered mobile number and password.

2. Then chose get your QR code Now & Give your Aadhar card number & Your name as in your Aadhar card & click on Enter Business Details.

4. Business Details
i) Give business name 
ii) Shop name/Display name
iii) Select Business category
iv) Select sub-category
v) Give your business address 
vi) If you have GST registration no then put it at GST no
      if you don't have then leave it blank

5. Enter bank details And Confirm It...

6. All are set Now your merchant account QR code showing you in the screen . Using these code you can accept money from any people using PayTm App.




How To Activate Paytm Debit Card

How To Activate PayTm Debit Card 

1Open PayTm App Chose Bank Option At Bottom.

2. Now you can see your Digital Debit Card on your screen click on that card then click on Activate Your Card.

3. Now scan your PayTm Debit Card's bar-code placed at the 
    Background of the card.

4. Now a new screen open give your 4 digit Passcode and confirm it.
5. Then enter your ATM Card 4 digit pin and enter it again to confirm it.
6. Then next screen showing you -- Debit & ATM Card Activated Successfully.
7. Now you can use that ATM Card any bank ATM out late for withdrawal of money...

  Thanks ......