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July 24, 2018

How To Show Connection Speed In Your PC

How To Show Connection Speed In Your PC

Friends today i share a post how to show Connection Speed in your PC. 

Now a days internet is available all over the world and all people want best  upload and downloading speed,but they don't know what is the exact speed of their connection.

In case of Smart phone there is a default option to show the connection speed  but when we talk about our PC / Laptop there is no option to show connection speed, So i share this post to show the connection speed in our PC / Laptop by a third party Software. 

The name of this Software is - NetSpeedMonoitor

By using this software we can show our connection speed like WiFi , Broadband as well as Bluetooth speed also..

Lets Install It..
1. Download the Software by by clicking here

2. Double click to install it the setup wizard appear click on      next...

3. Then chose next

4. Accept terms and license and chose next

5. Again chose next and Install 

After installing finish a popup showing you to NetSpeedMonitior on your taskbar chose yes

Then a setting window open then 

1. Select language English.
2. Select Network Interface -- WiFi, Bluetooth or any

3.traffic database path -- no change
    then save, Now you will see the speed monitor on your taskbar..

If you facing a error at the time of installation that your operating system not supported then  chose the below method to solve this error..

Right click on the program ,chose properties select the Compatibility tab, Under Compatibility tab tick the -  Run this program in Compatibility mode.
Chose apply and save it then install it...

Now Enjoy net speed in your pc / laptop..


July 12, 2018

How To Remove A Laptop Battery

How To Remove A Laptop Battery

There are diffrent types of laptop we are used however there all
are similarities in case of battery But in new generation of laptop  basically new MacBooks from apple used intigareted battries that mainly require service center to remove that battery...

We share this post for windows and linux based laptop for the removal of battery. For replacing a laptoip battery you can insert the new battery after removing the old battery. 

There are some laptop that the battery are not accessible from the outside of the laptop. For  that case we need a technicians for removing the battery.

Step To Remove Battery

1. Unplugged the charger from the laptop and  disconnect the power cable

2. Turn the laptop to facing up the battery section i.e. the bottom is facing up
at the bootom of the laptop you see the latch of the battery section .

4.To remove the battery slide the latch switch to the opposite side and hold it in that position until the battery released.

5. Some of the laptop battery pops out on in its own but generally we need to pull it out gently with our tips of finger.


* Some of the laptop have one latch there are same that reqiure you to slide two latches to removw the battery .

* On these laptop the latches will still look but require you to move
both at the same time usually towards each other.

* If there is no latch found then you need to contact the service
center or any technicians to remove battery.

June 29, 2018

How To Change Command Prompt Default Drive

How To Change Command Prompt Default Drive
1.Open Run Box And Type--  regedit.exe And Click on OK
2. Expand The Manu- HKEY_CURRENT_USER
3.Then Chose Software
4. Then Chose Microsoft
5. Click On Command Processor
6. At The Right Side Of The Side Bar Right Click Chose NEW  >  String Value
7. Now Edit The New Value To Rename It To - autorun
8. Double Click On Autorun And Set The Value Data To That Drive Which One You Want To Be The Default Drive
9. Then Click On OK .. Thats It Now When You Open The CMD You Will See The Drive Name Changed To The Drive That You Gave ..... Enjoy...... Thank You......

June 21, 2018

How to hide images on specific sites in Chrome

How to hide images on specific sites in Chrome

It's difficult to read a large portion of text on a Web site that has images flashing and scrolling by. Luckily, Google Chrome offers a way to block individual sites from being able to load these images, keeping your reading environment distraction-free.

Here's how:

 Step 1: Open Google Chrome and click the wrench menu in the top right corner. Then go to Options.

 Step 2: Click Under the Hood on the left side, and then the Content settings button.

Step 3: Under the Images area, click the Manage Exceptions button.

 Step 4: Click inside the blue box to add a new site. You just need the URL, and then you will need to change the Behavior drop-down box to "Block."

 Step 5: Reload your browser and go to the site. The images will not load until you remove the block (a small X will appear next to the site when you put your mouse over it) and restart your browser again.

 You can also take these instructions and block images on all sites except the ones you specify in the Allow list in the same area mentioned in Step 4.