How To Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

How To Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Friends, WhatsApp Messenger is the best messaging app for speed conversation between people . WhatsApp updated version has an update that we can delete those messages which one send by us after sending the messages and this messages also be deleted from the receiver phone.
It can easily deleted  but there is no easy method to recover that. Well, while WhatsApp does not let you recover the chat, . There are Several method  to read this deleted messages.
All we are known when someone send message to us there is a notification shown by our phone if we can save this notification then we can easily found the deleted messages.
So Today I will share a trick  to recover or see the deleted messages by the other person in a WhatsApp chat. There are several application to save the notification of your phone.
Step To Recover The Deleted Messages
Step 1 – 1st you need to install an application Notisave 

Step 2 – Now open the app and Allow the access to notification.

Step 3 – Allow the access to media and files .
Step 4 – Select the app notification show on status bar (Un Select All App For Best Result).

Step 5 – Changes the battery saver to no restriction.

Step 6 – Enabled auto start for Notisave application

Step 7 – For app selection save the notification 
           Click the 3 line > Select Settings > Click Save Notification  > Chose  WhatsApp

That’s it, now you can see all the deleted messages from WhatsApp Chat 
Step 8 – To see the messages open this app select the chat option and click the name of the person who deleted the messages.

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