How To Make Bootable Pendrive In PowerIso

How To Make Bootable Pendrive In PowerIso

Step 1- Open  PowerISO .
Step 2 – Insert The USB Drive To Your PC/Laptop .
Step 3- Choose the Menu “Tools > Create Bootable USB Drive”.

Step 4-The “Create Bootable USB Drive” dialog will popup Click  On OK.

Step 5 – In “Create Bootable USB Drive” dialog Box, Select the Image file.

Step 6 – Select the correct USB drive from the “Destination USB Drive” list if multiple USB drives are connected to the computer.

Step 7-Choose the proper writing method. “USB-HDD” is recommended. Click on Start.

Step 8- PowerISO will alert you that all data on USB drive will be destroyed. Make sure your Pendrive will be Formatted.  Click “OK” to continue.

Step 9-The program will start writing USB drive, and showing the progress information. You should get the message “Writing USB drive completed successfully.” after the operation completes.

If no errors occurred in the above process, you should now be all set to setup Windows from USB drive!

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