How to Enable TalkBack on An Android Phone

What Is Talkback ???

TalkBack Is An Application Of Androiod Device Which provides spoken feedback so that
you can use your device without looking  your screen.

This Can be helpful for people who are blind or have low vision..

Navigation of the screen when TalkBack is on…(Oppo)

1.Swipe left or right to move beetween itmes.
2.Drag to finger to scroll.
3.Double tap to activte an items.

How to Enable TalkBack on Samsung Phone

Step To Activate TalkBack In Samsung

Step-1.  Clik On Setting

 Step 2.Chose Accesssibility

Step 3.Scroll down under service chose talkback

Step 4. Tap to activate In thr right upper corner of the screen

Step 5. A Warning popup display click on OK

Thats It All Are Set..

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