How To Create A Facebook Account

How To Create A Facebook Account
Hello friends today i will share a post how to create a Facebook account without a mobile number. Everyone knows a mobile number is must require to open an Facebook account.

Today i will share this trick how to open  an account without any mobile no.

Let’s start…..

Before that you must have to create an email address if you didn’t have an email follow the link   how to create an email acoount.

Step To Open An Account…..

1. First goto to page  By Clicking Here
2. Then Create An Account
Sign Up Page Show
3. Then you have to fill it carefully.

4. (i) First Name –Give Your First name
      eg. If your name Kailsha Chandra Swain then you have to gave
   Kailsha Chandra.

   (ii) Surname – Fill It With Your Title 
      eg. like — Swain, Mohapatra. etc.

  (iii) Mobile Number or Email Address 
       Here you have to put your email address.

   (iv) New Password
       Chose a strong password for your security if you give a simple password like 123456 or Your Name or Your Mobile No, it is easy to hack your password so i recommended you to chose a strong password i.e. combination of letter,number with special character.

   (v) Birthday
        You must have to 18 years old or above to use facebook
put your date and birth

   (vi) Gender 
      Chose your gender as male or female.

5. Then click on sign up

6. Now confirm your email address by click on Confirm Your Account at your email inbox.

7. Find your friends click next

8. Now add a profile picture

9. That’s it…


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