How To Add IDM Extension To Chrome

How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome

Hello Friends, 
    Today i will tell you how to add idm extension to chrome browser so that you never face any error while you are downloading any file from any website.

Before going to main topic i want to mention that what is IDM.

IDM Means Internet Download Manager

  • IDM is a download manager which is the best tool for download and schedule downloads
  • It Is easy to download  videos from any video streaming site like 
  • Download multiple files at a time without any error
Download Link Of IDM—    Download Here
    First download the software and installed it

  1. Open chrome browser and Select  the 3 dot
  2.  Chose more tools and select Extension 
  3. Go to the C drive and select the path 
  4. C:Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager
  5. chose the file shown in the screenshot and drag to the chrome
6.Again chose extension and enable the extension
7.Now your idm is fixed to the chrome do not showing any error.

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