How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger – Google search bar

How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger

Setting up Google custom search engine in your blog is very simple and it only takes minutes to install. 

Step To Add ..

Step 1: Login to your Blogger account and head to Google CSE homepage. 

Step 2: Now at the left hand side click on “New search engine” and start entering your blog details. 

Step 3: Enter your domain name without HTTP (ex: If you manage more than one blog then include that too.

Step 4: Choose language, name the search engine and click on create at the bottom. Now you will see a success page that says “you’ve successfully created your custom search engine”, yes you are! 

To see how it works click on public URL and start searching your site. The Google custom search engine is very basic, so before adding it in your blog we will customize it. 

Step 4: To customize the search engine go to control panel or click on edit search engine at the left hand side. Now under setup you will have five settings. Here you can give search engine keywords, search engine description, enable image search if you want etc. You can also integrate your Google adsense account, add users and there are more advanced options. After the search engine configuration move on to look and feel settings. 

 Step 5: Under look and feel you will have different themes and layouts to choose from. Customize it as per your needs and you will see the preview of this search bar towards your right side. When you finally get the desired look and feel, click on save and get code at the bottom 

Step 6: Now grab the script, login to your Blogger blog, move to Layout, click on add a gadget, choose HTML / JavaScript gadget, add the script into it and finally save it. Arrange the gadget to the desired position where you wish to render the search bar. 

 Now go and check your blog where you have added Google custom search bar. If you don’t like the look and feel then you can customize it again and drop the code in your blog. Hope this post helped you on how to add Google custom search engine in Blogger. Please share and make your comments below about this search bar. 


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