Disable Images In Chrome Without Extension

Disable Images In Chrome Without Extension

How to hide images in chrome? , Do you have any idea that can Disable Images In Chrome Without Extension. If your answer is no then don’t worry about it you can learn in this post.

Why we need to Disable Images In Chrome ?

Sometimes you read a topic but due to some unnecessary images on that page you do somehow not concentrate in your study, also images are very large in size and it takes more time to load.

When you have a slow internet connection and the pages which one you have searching contains too many images at that time it’s very difficult to load the entire page.

In a simple sentence, we can say that It’s very difficult to read a large portion of a page contains text on a Web site that has images flashing and scrolling. To avoid this somehow we try to disable all the images of that site.

But don’t worry, Google Chrome offers a way to disable individual websites from being able to load these images, you can disable and keep your reading environment distraction-free.

Let’s start our step to disable the images on a specific site:

 1. Open Google Chrome and click on 3 dots place in right top corner of the browser and select setting.

Disable Images In Chrome Without Extension 1

2. On the left sidebar select Privacy ans security. Then choose Content Setting under content setting chose images under choose images.

Disable Images In Chrome Without Extension 2

3. Now you will see a new interface displaying add new site address, just click the add button on that page, paste the site URL on which you want to disable /hide images, and add it.

add new site

5. Now, everything is OK. Just go back to that tab where the website was loaded now reload the page the m=imges will not appear on that page.

Again if you want to remove then follow the same step and after reaching the desired setting just click on the right side of the site address and click on remove.

remove the site

Now you have successfully removed the site, go back and reload the page to see the effect of the images you can see all the images are shown to you.

If you have any problem regarding this topic simply you can comment below we will try to solve your error.

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