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January 04, 2019

What Is VPN | Top 7 Free VPN

What Is VPN...?

VPN means Virtual Private Network  It is a secure connection between two or more devices over the WWW(World Wide Web).

Why It Needed...?

VPN are used to protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. It blocks the location and changed it.So that every blocked content can be accessed using VPN. It Also hide the original Ip(Internet Protocol) no need to use any other software to do this.

What A VPN Can Do...?

1.It Hide the IP address and Location.

It hide Your IP address for your device. This is occurs for the connection of diffident server. When you connect to a VPN server your ip is hidden behind the VPN server no one can see your actual location.

2.Unblock the content.

It helps to you unblock sites which are blocked by the Government or your Internet Service Provider(ISP)There are some country where some popular sites are blocked.
For example in case of China you can't access Facebook,YouTube,Twitter and also the search engine So if you want to access those sites which are blocked in your location you must need to use VPN.  VPN can help you access the torrent sites It also for schools and college students where some sites are blocked.

3.Encrypt The data.

It Encrypt the data and hide it from your Government even your ISP can't track your activity. It protects you from the insecure data. Some VPN are used 128 bit and 256 bit encryption for the secure connection . So that a VPN connection is Hard to Hack.

4.Save Money.

Save Money from the paid website there are some sites which gives paid services to the user and it vary country to country. You can change your Geo Logical location by changing your IP address.

7 Top Free And Paid VPN

1. Express Vpn
2. Nord VPN
3. CyberGhost VPN
4. Private VPN
5. Ip Vanish VPN
6. HideMy Ass VPN
7. Vypr VPN


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